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The Best Movie Theaters In Los Angeles

by Michael Bell 12/06/2020

Photo by Imeime via Pixabay

As you might imagine, Los Angeles is home to some of the best movie theaters in the world. What makes them so amazing isn't necessarily the world-class sound and picture quality though. This city is so inherently rooted in film that you can't help but see the reverence reflected in the nooks and crannies of our favorite picks. 

The Arclight Hollywood 

The Arclight has several locations throughout the city, but the Hollywood location is by far the most famous. Home to countless premiers and conveniently located for numerous celebrities, it's a popular place to be. Plus, it's not unusual to catch the directors of the movies appear on opening night of some of the biggest blockbusters to address the crowds. The staff may not announce their presence (mostly because they might not even know until about 10 minutes beforehand), but that's all just part of the fun. 

TCL Chinese Theatre

This historic theater was the place to be during Hollywood's hey-day. All those hand prints in front of the theater go back to the glory years of Joan Crawford, Shirley Temple, and Mickey Rooney. Both the Chinese Theatre (and its nearby counterpart the Egyptian) are inspired by world architecture and owned by Sid Grauman. The best seat in the house is in front of the 94-foot wide IMAX. 

The Alamo Drafthouse 

Opened in 2019, the Alamo has taken the city by storm. While this theater doesn't have the history, it definitely has the heart. The chain originally got its start in Texas as a full-service dine-in theater, and the concept spread out from there. Each location has its own vibe and the LA location is no exception. The bar area is an homage to old-school technology, including bar menus printed on VHS cases and old-school video games. Its hallways are decked out with all kinds of movie posters and memorabilia. 

Laemmle Royal 

The Laemmle also has several locations, but the Royal takes the cake. This theater isn't where you come for luxury, but it is where you come for quality. It's one of the most reliable theaters (apart from the Landmark and Arclight Hollywood) to catch independent films, limited-release movies and mainstream movies alike. It's also a great place to learn more about the film festival circuit. Just because a movie doesn't have millions of dollars to spend on publicity, doesn't make it any less satisfying to see. 

Movies do more than bring us together, they teach us about different points of view and lifestyles. They introduce us to new characters and open our mind to history. You can't help but appreciate film when you spend time anywhere in LA, but you'll especially feel it at these theaters. 

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