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Have Professional Education Requirements? Look for Free Online Webinars

by Michael Bell 05/10/2020

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Do you need to complete professional education for your job? Free online webinars can meet all or most of your continuing education needs.

How Do Online Webinars Work?

Online webinars work the same as any other online class — or very similar to an in-person class. You log in using a video conferencing tool, and one or more presenters teach just like they would in person. You can usually download the course materials so you can follow along. There's often a chat box available if you have questions during the presentation.

There's usually some kind of check to verify that you're following along. The organizers and your professional organizations want to be sure you are involved with the presentation. Webinars may have periodic and randomly timed pop-ups with content related questions to show you're still there. Other webinars include a quiz at the end that you have to pass to get credit. The quizzes are usually based on specific points from the presentation rather than general information you'd know without attending the presentation.

How Much Continuing Education Credit Can You Get Online?

The rules for how much credit you can get via online webinars vary based on your profession. Some industries only require that you meet the credit requirements no matter how you got there. Others might place a limit on online coursework. Check with your professional association to be sure online education will work for your situation. As with any continuing education, you also need to make sure you meet the minimum number of credits in specific topics and within the designated time periods.

How Do I Know if an Online Webinar Gives Continuing Education Credit?

Most professions have an accreditation process for continuing education. The course should say that it's been approved, and it will usually have an identification number that your professional body assigns to each approved course. With free courses, you should make sure the approval is one that your local licensing body recognizes. For example, a course might be approved for professionals in New York but not California.

How Do I Find Free Online Webinars?

You can often find free online webinars with an online search for "continuing education for [your profession] in [your state]." Many professions have one or more platforms that offer free courses sponsored by vendors that target that profession. Large or niche firms also often host free online webinars as a way of expanding their network in the hopes you'll send them business outside of your expertise.

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